Saturday, August 07, 2004

Phone's Dead

In approximately 2hours and 15 minutes my Monday morning work day will be decided. BellSouth currently in talks with Communications Workers of America is reluctant in spending another 1 billion dollars per year for the next three years. Talks between the union and BellSouth have been slow because of job security and health care. BellSouth wants employees to pay a monthly premium for their insurance and in term they will increase salaries by one percent. Job security BellSouth says is up to the BellSouth customers, that position I actually agree with. At last reporting BellSouth had changed its last proposal. Employees were instructed on Friday to make everything all nice and comfy for the managers coming in having to do the peons work. Techs leave your trucks gassed up, reps check your voicemails, leave our badges don't give us any greif you little ingrates.

Will I strike? I will. If for no other reason than I need a mini - legal -vacation. I can take a lot but being that my main job is to create revenue for the company so the manager hierchy can live far more comfortable than I am presently, I feel they have no room for complaining. Maybe after a few hours of doing the job (again, in some cases) they will see or remember that.

Realistically I feel with Time Warner's new digital phone service being released and BellSOuth going into Satellite tv they can not afford the bad press. It won't look good that the big bad company won't keep paying for health benefits for it's employees. So all odds point to me having to go to work monday, dammit.


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