Sunday, July 25, 2004

Katie Melua - As you were people!

Keep on searching...

I understand where she was trying to go I just choose not to follow her there. This bluesy tale would have been impressive had there not been a younger American version by the name of Joss Stone.
Even so Gretchen Lieberman has explored this territory a tad bit more conventionally. What I hear in Katie's music is Ella and Billy but I can not identify exactly who Katie is and more importantly her message. Is it pain? Is it misdirection? Is it love lost? Been there, done that and not looking for the sequel. She has the formula down packed. She's young, soulful and singing the blues. The lyrics are sad, wandering and they call to the longing masses but so do all blues, hence the name.  
The potential is there, that's without question but Katie's sound is such a mesh with bluesy artists,  I can always listen to the original instead of her.


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