Friday, February 13, 2004

You Freak!

Here Ye! Here Ye! Listen all you lonely depressed sad sack of people who are about to cry because there is no one to buy you a box of chocolates for tomorrow. No one died on February 14th (to make it a holiday), no one sacrificed or gave their life for February to be LOVE DAY. It's a day conspired by said Card Company so people, like yourselves, would piss and moan about noone loving them. And then go out and send flower to themselves, so other people wouldn't think of them as being the sad lonely depressed souls they see themselves as being. Ahhh...Its just another day people. If they only show you they love you on this one day out of the year, you need a helluva lot more than a box of chocolates, ya feel me? Smile cuz you have been processed<------------

But I do like to watch the tears...


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