Friday, October 31, 2003

Scary Movie Garbage

How can anyone say they enjoyed this movie. I wanted to walk out on it but I am a miser who refuses to admit defeat. The movie opens with Jenny Garth and Pam Anderson is some dumb blonde dialogue that is cliche and utterly stupid and I don't mean funny-stupid. After Jenny hands Pam the phone and its a play Smiegal from The Lord of the Rings asking for his Precious which turns out to be Pam's Mother, she ventures back down the hall where the light have all gone out and Jenny Garth has become post mortem in five minutes and Pam just stands over her calling her name, despite the fact her head has rolled on the floor. Hard as it was for you to read that sentence it was harder for me to watch it!

Its obvious the Wayans Brothers didn't produce this film even the race jokes are horrible. The spin on 8mile is first of all too late and secondly dumb! The crowd is some gun packing mob that the farmer boy, George, has to win over with his plea to be accepted despite his lack melanin. The rhymes were mediocre at best even to be a spoof and the general tone was too conspicuous. You knew what the next joke would be.

The only comic relief in this film is the little boy, Cody, who is abuse prone and psychic in his ability. As he walks thru the living room pointing at a pregnant lady and telling her "It's a boy. He'll be an asshole " Then he gets to a man smoking a cigarette and forewarns him "Smoke all you want, you going to get hit by a bus." The next man is wearing a toupee and he advises "You're not fooling anyone." Sadly enough the funniest part of the movie and the only part that remotely warranted a chuckle the human ear could actually hear was when Cody 'sees' for a couple coming out of the restroom, obviously from making out; he says to the man "You're going to get lucky tonite." To the Woman: "He doesn't know you're a man."

All in all, save your money the movie is trash. This is an hour or so of your life you will regret not being able to get back.


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